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Live online taekwondo classes and online training in the comfort of your own home.

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Titans Taekwondo Academy is now offering LIVE ‘in gym’ classes as well as online training content so you can practice at your convenience.

Build you skills and confidence in the martial art of taekwondo under the guidance of our experienced Instructors.

Titans Online Access Membership Packages

We have training for all different ages, no experience is necessary.

Our online syllabus and special fitness classes for taekwondo students can be accessed at any time for you to be able to practice skills for your level or ability.

Our LIVE ‘in gym’ classes are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Saturday:

Tiny Titans (4-6 year olds): 4.00-4.45pm Mon, Tues, Thurs and Sat 10am

Junior Titans (7-12 year olds): 4.30-5.30pm Mon, Tues, Thurs and 4pm Wed and 10.45am Sat.
Teen Titans (13-16 year olds): 5.30-6.30 Mon, Tues and Thursm 4.45pm Wed and 11.30am Sat

and Senior Titans (16+ year olds): 6.30-7.30pm Tues, Wed (Beginners), Thurs and 9.00am Sat


Level 1 Subscription

Full Term 3 Access to:

General Access Classes
Belt Level Access

LIVE  Classes



Level 2 Subscription



Titans Taekwondo

Level 1 Subscription

Entitles General access and belt level subscription that is upload weekly and LIVE gym classes.

Level 2 Subscription

Not currently active.

Zoom Access Links

Access your Live Zoom links as part of your Level 1 Subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions for online training

I have never done Taekwondo or a martial art before. Can I join?

Absolutely. We have students of all different belt levels and everybody starts out the same way as a White Belt. In fact a Black Belt is only a White Belt student that never gave up. Starting from the comfort of your own home also gives you the chance to build up your confidence at your own pace.


Do I need any equipment?

Yes, but not much. We suggest we wear your taekwondo uniform if you already have one for your online class. You may wish to ask you parent or one of your family members to assist you. They can hold a pad for you or if you don’t have a pad, you can use a pillow to kick. But otherwise, no. If you have your own boxing bag at home you can use that to practice you kicks and strikes, but it is not essential.


Do we do gradings online?

The decision to hold a grading will depend on how online training progresses each term. Ideally we would like to have a Colour Belt grading each term. The grading date will be confirmed upon the commencement of this Terms training.

Unfortunately we cannot Grade Black Belts online. There are specific requirements and skills that a student must achieve in order to attain their black belt that can only be performed in person. As such, black belt gradings will take place once Face-to-Face training resumes.

What apps or devices do I need to train?

You will need access to a computer or tablet to access training online. The Online Syllabus will be provided as pre-recorded videos and securely stored on Vimeo for your exclusive access. The LIVE online classes will be run on Zoom. So you will need to download the Zoom App onto your computer or tablet. We will provide you with the weekly links for the online syllabus videos and well as the online links and passwords for the LIVE online Zoom classes.

How much does it cost?

We have two levels of online membership this Term.

Level 1 Subscription – $230.00 Entitles General access and belt level subscription that is uploaded weekly and classes in the gym.

Level 2 Subscription – Not Applicable.


How many times can I watch the videos?

You have unlimited access to all of our content for the full erm. Find your favourites & play them again and again!